• Pardian Arif Nurhadi Universitas Bung Hatta
  • Diana Chitra Hasan Universitas Bung Hatta
  • Temmy Thamrin Universitas Bung Hatta


Keywords :translation, unit shift, class shift, equivalent meaning, movie translation


In this research, the writer attempts to find out forms of unit shift and class shift which are part of category shift in translation. The writer also tries to determine how each type can achieve equivalent meaning by considering movie translation principles. This analysis is conducted by using the qualitative method. The source of data of this research is the sentences or utterances from the Black Panther movie which is displayed by subtitles in both English and Indonesia. The data were collected by watching the movie with Indonesian subtitles and English as well which have been categorized and analyzed using Category shift theory by Catford and equivalent meaning theory which also analyzed based on movie translation principles.  The writer figures out that forms of the unit shift are phrase, word and in the class shift there are verb, noun, adjective, and adverb. The equivalent in meaning of each data is achieved with different degrees such as complete meaning, increased meaning, and decreased meaning which are related to the principles of movie translation.  Based on the findings, it can be concluded that the types of unit shift and class shift are varied used by the translators which are still acceptable due to the consideration about achieving the equivalent in meaning for TL audiences.


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