Vol. 2 No. 2 May 2021 is now Published!


In May edition of the Culingua Journal, we are pleased to present seven articles to publish written by researchers from different universities in the world. These seven articles include topics that deal with a range of linguistics branches in terms of semantics, language learning, sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, literature, and Second Language Acquisition (SLA) that present innovative and thought-provoking findings in the field.

Congratulations are extended to all the authors in this edition who have successfully negotiated the review procedure. This volume consists of seven articles with 11 authors from five universities and institutions, namely Universitas Widyagama Malang, 2Charis High School, Malang, University of Indonesia, Depok, Indonesia; Universitas Negeri Padang, Padang, Indonesia; Universitas Bung Hatta, Padang, Indonesia. Near East University, Near East University, Nicosia, Cyprus.