Culingua International Virtual Conference


Culingua International Virtual Conference
Theme: Trends in Applied Linguistics and Socio-cultural Studies

We invite presenters to send their abstract and full paper to be presented on 6 - 7 January, 2021. Abstract should be no more than 250 words. The abstract should include the description of the study, the summary of the topic (highly expected the results of the study), five keywords, and references.

Abstract is written in English. Full paper should be submitted after abstract acceptance notification. The full paper is written in 7 - 10 pages.


- Translingual communication
- Translation and interpretation
- Emotion and learning
- Discourse analysis
- Pragmatics and rhetoric
- Bilingual and multilingual education
- Language planning and language policy
- Language and gender
- Second language acquisition
- Literacy skill
- Language for specific purposes
- Language testing and assesment
- Child language
- Corpus analysis

Abstract submission: